Ayanmo - 1989

AYANMO (Destiny (synopsis)

OSETURA, the ageless High Priest, believe by human beings to be the sole mediator between man and his creator thought he had conquered and destroyed all the witches representing the forces of darkness from the face of the earth.

One of them, the Black witch, the most deadly and wicked agent of death representing the Devil himself on earth, descended into the fiery flames around Satan and demanded more powerful weapons to conquer OSETURA.

She was given the ‘Dreaded Bird of Darkness’. She then ascended to the area of darkness called ‘The Dark of Temptation’ there to tempt, mislead and destroy unsuspecting human souls as they passed through that area of darkness on their way to be incarnated on the earth plane.

High, high above all these and a little below the Eternal Light of the Creator stood the Gate of Heaven. Two incarnating souls OMOWUNMI and KOLAWOLE passed through the Gates and received their eggs of life. A third soul, a female, descending from a higher plane also passed through this Gate after receiving her own egg of with a mission to become OSETURA’s WIFE, thereby helping him in his war against the witches. And in the process lose her life. She was OMONAYAJO.

At the area of the Darkness of temptation the witches convinced OMOWUNMI to swap her white egg of life for their black egg of death and destruction promising her hundreds of children instead of two permitted by the Divine Gate keepers.. OMOWUNMI complied and departed.

On the earth plane OMONAYAJO’S was delivered of a baby girl. KOLAWOLE fulfilled his destiny as recorded t the Gates of Heaven and OMONAYAJO became the wife of OSETURA and also the mother of four children.

The death of a wealthy farmer in the community bad the problem of sharing his properties between the three sons was serious. Even more serious was the love tangle between MAKANJUOLA and his two fiancées which caused the destruction of the main palm oil factory and also the intervention of the RED WITCH.

The Black Witch arrived on earth, found the Red Witch and initiated her into more deadly powers of darkness.

From this time onward the people started to experience strange happenings, days of destruction, nights of horror and death. The dreaded Bird of Darkness was released by the Black Witch. Children were dying mysteriously, pregnancies were terminating themselves and crops refused to grow and yield and in the community there was great confusion.

In the meantime OMOWUNMI had given birth to eight children and each of them died before the seventh day. She was pregnant with her ninth child and went to consult with OSETURA, who after higher consultation and rituals in his secret chambers discovered that the witches were back again.

The Black witch that deadly incarnation of the personal will of the Devil himself now took control of all operations and happenings. She mysteriously assumed the personality of OSETURA himself went to the main market and destroyed the AJE shrine which was the symbol of the spiritual SOUL of the community. She – He met one of OSETURA’S disciples in the forest and killed him.

The people seeing the figure personality of OSETURA wherever an evil deed was done and not knowing or even suspecting that it was a personality assumption by the Black witch turned away from OSETURA, accusing him of all the evil that has befallen the community. OSETURA was deposed and abandoned. His senior disciple KEKERE AWO was appointed and installed the Head of the community.

God’s mill grinds slow but sure.

OSETURA entered the secret chambers and after some powerful incantations discovered that the Black witch had all the time been using his personality to do havoc in the community. He saw the part being played by the Dreaded Bird of Darkness and also the Red witch

OSETURA now knew that it was time for him to act in order to save the community from physical and spiritual death. He knew that it was time for him to act in order to show that God is God. He took the power that he should use only at the last moment. And this was the last moment.

The greatest and the most terrible conflict between the Forces of Light and the Forces of Darkness now began.

The characters in the battle? The weapons used? The severity of the battle? Losses, in any, on both sides? Any advance? Any retreat? Did any side win? These are all portayed in the film!

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