Movies Aiye, Jaiyesimi, Aropin n'tenia, Ayanmo

AIYE - 1979

In 1978, Hubert Ogunde invited Ola Balogun to direct Aiye, an adaptation of one of his stage plays. Ogunde chose the play partly because it attracted crowds during its run of performances. Unlike the stage act, the film was shot in a way to allow a sequel.

The film premiered in 1980 and within a year it made its money back. Aiye explored Yoruba mysticism, the issue of witchcraft and traditional notions of light and darkness. Ogunde sold some of his properties to finance the movie

JAIYESIMI - 1980 (synopsis)

A long time ago, in a village, there lived a chief priest called OSETURA. He was the religious, traditional and political head of the village.

This chief wages perpetual war with witches wherever and whenever he found them. After a particularly bloody battle he defeated them and there was peace in his village.


AROPIN N’TENIA - 1982 (synopsis)

(Man thinks its the end)

Once upon a time, there was a king who had two wives – OYENUBI and ADESOLA. OYENUBI is the senior wife. As much as the people love the king he had no heir. This is a taboo in this town. The important chiefs in this town were ABORE, PAMIPAMI and ERELU. ERELU was the only female chief in this town. The chiefs, PAMIPAMI and ABORE did not love this king because he was honest and kind. He also refused the chiefs or anybody to be cheated.


AYANMO - 1989 (synopsis)

OSETURA, the ageless High Priest, believe by human beings to be the sole mediator between man and his creator thought he had conquered and destroyed all the witches representing the forces of darkness from the face of the earth.

One of them, the Black witch, the most deadly and wicked agent of death representing the Devil himself on earth, descended into the fiery flames around Satan and demanded more powerful weapons to conquer OSETURA. She was given the ‘Dreaded Bird of Darkness’.